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WOW Bluetooth portable speakers

WOW Bluetooth portable speakers may be small in size but they are big on sound. The WOW (With Out Wires) speaker, wirelessly streams music from any Bluetooth-enabled device like your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, iPador laptop. Now available in blue, red, white and yellow in-store and online [gallery ids="2982,2983,2984"] An intuitive wireless speaker that can be recharged over and over again so no need for batteries either. The stylish design comes in 5 colours and is rubber durable with a rubber housing. You can take this baby anywhere; Take it to the park, the beach, on holiday, to work. Basically take it wherever you need your music. Compact, durable, wireless, easy to connect and recharge, it makes all your music portable. Big on sound, WOW wirelessly streams music from ANY Bluetooth device. Wow has a Bluetooth connection of up to 10 meters (33-foot) and has a built in rechargeable battery (recharged via USB) with up to 5 hours playing time. The set up is dead easy. Simply turn on your Wow Speaker, pair it up with your Bluetooth device like your computer or phone and bobs-your-uncle! For a small speaker it packs a punch - easily filling a room with sound thanks, to the 360-degree audio projection. If you are after more directed sound just turn it on its side. [gallery ids="2987,2988,2993"] The thing I love about this is now I can enjoy music in ANY ROOM IN THE HOUSE! I am not the only one raving about these things I haven’t come across one bad review yet. Don’t believe me? You can check out what these guys have to say Macworld or SlashGear  both give the device a fairly good going over. The company KAKKOii who designed the Wow Speaker is a boutique design company set up by Antonio Arevalo. A London designer, Arevalo makes innovative, high quality products that fit the urban lifestyle; Wow is the first in the KAKKOii range and has definitely put this design company on the map. By the way KAKKOii is Japanese for cool and in terms of design you don’t get much better than this.

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