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Father's day

I am sitting here, looking at a bleeping curser, wondering how to bleeping start this blog. You see - I'm in a dilemma: On one hand I own a shop and (evil me) would like to convert father's day sentiment into sales. On the other hand, I am well aware that fathers day is largely a capitalist construct - designed to sell shit to people they really don't need or want. How to come to terms with this? Perhaps I could start all gushy and explain the true sentiment behind fathers day, get you all warm and fuzzy . . . and THEN sell you shit you don't need or want. The point of difference however is we don't sell just shit . . . we sell GREAT shit! Whew. Dilemma solved!

So here we go . . . . warm and fuzzy, warm and fuzzy. Errrr um, bugger it, I'm just going to jump into the GREAT shit bit . . . because after all . . .  it is, by definition, GREAT!

Stupid yet funny . . . 


Slick daddy . . . 


Cycling Daddy . . . 

Heaps of great stuff in store . . . Oh and if you really have run out of time and your dad lives far away you can always do a gift voucher. These are redeemable online as well as here at the shop.


I Phone cases

Just in is a beautiful new range of I phone cases from Pigeonhole!  They are available instore or online and are priced at $45.00. These cases will help protect your phone from breaks scratches, all while looking very cool! These come in a range of amazing colours! Made from a patterned leather, this Iphone case has holes in all the right places! The case does not cover the power button, camera lens and the earphone and Charger points are also accessible. Another really cool feature is an inbuilt magnet in the button so the phone just easily snaps open and shut  with ease.