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Interior Colour Trends

Interior colours can change your mood instantly. I always like to ignore Interior colour trends and go a little over the top. An attempt to escape the winter blues. Yellow is one colour that always puts a smile on my face. It is fresh crisp and sunny! Hello sun. Good morning flower. Hello yellow! While most of melbourne traipsing around Melbourne in blacks and greys and olive greens. I on the other hand (in a state of Winter denial) like to mix it up a little with a splash of colour. These rugs pictured are a cheap way to add a bit of sunniness to the grey of winter. Made from upcycled plastics. Priced at $55 they are a cost effective way to lift your mood. Same too with the retro vinyl baskets at two for $50.00. I don't know about you BUT with kids I can never have enough baskets scattered through the house! These are of course necessary to deal with the endless trail of toys, stray socks and general debris that ends up from one end of the house to the other! Every year the colour experts will declare the new colours of the season. Interior colour trends can lead you astray.  Me? I just think you should go for what you like. Choose colours that evoke memories and feelings . . . it is such a personal thing . . . and so it should be! Having fun is what it all should be about. Enjoy!










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