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Mens Leather Bags

A new range of Mens leather bags are now available in store or online. Us chicks are often spoilt for choice when it comes to bags and I often feel for you blokes due to the slim pickings out there. A bag, to me is a real investment. In fact, when it comes to buying a bag, I think more like a guy. You see I am not the sort of chick who has a separate hand bag for every outfit. I am a one handbag sorta girl. To me purchasing a bag as a commitment. A commitment because, as my friends will attest,  I have only one bag at any given time. It becomes my appendage and follows me everywhere. It is, to put it simply, my friend. And then that enevitable day comes around when it falls apart and I go into; A) a state of grieving and B) a state of panic. Replacing a friend is no easy feat!! Practical considerations come into play and of course the style has to suit your personality . . . and not to mention go with your entire wardrobe!!! And of course you have to love each other, cause at the end of the day this is going to be your new buddy for years to come. Here is a few bags that I think both Girls and guys could form a deep relationship with . . . 

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