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Mens hair clay


Triumph & Disaster

Mens hair clay


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After much anticipation Triumph & Disaster have released a new range of mens hair product. Coltrane Clay is a beautiful product which is easy to use, free of silicones and parabens and made from quality natural ingredients. It provides great hold, and protects your hair from the damaging elements. 


Apply a small amount (a fingernail) in palm of your hand and work through either wet or dry hair. Its that easy.


Kaolin/China Clay Is a soft white clay that comes from China and when mixed with water it has great moulding properties. Making it the perfect base for a kick-arse styling clay. The clay has been used for centuries in making porcelain in China. 

Beeswax - The virtues of beeswax have been well documented. Hail the humble bee! In terms of hair it it assists in preventing split ends. Leaves the hair with shine, while giving a natural protection from the elements. 

Pracaxi Oil - Found This oil is extracted from . . . well the Pracaxi plant. It is extracted using a chemically free cold press process. It works as a great conditioning agend and in combination with the waxes leaves your hair feeling all silky and smooth.  

Brazil Wax - Ahem - no we are not talking about the 'full monty' here! Brazil wax has many uses but for this purpose it helps create the hold and waterproofing to give your look longevity.


American Tobacco . .  Ok this is what I love most about Triumph & Disaster range. And I will quote directly from them cause they sum it up way better than I ever could . . . 

"We added this because we don’t think smelling like a fruit jube is right for a grown mans hair, but old school loose leaf smoking tobacco, well that’s ok with us. All natural this is a bespoke one of a kind T&D fragrance made by our genius fragrance guy – Phil"

Triumph & Disaster is one company that is producing beautiful product for men. A brand which reminds us that “acts of ritual and preparation are worthy endeavours and that being well groomed is something of which to be proud”  The product name came from a poem given to the founder by his father “If you can meet with Triumph & Disaster and treat those two impostors just the same” Wow – how true!

What I love most about this brand is they they walk the talk and live by the principal that sustainable business is a path of integrity and honesty. Ah I wish more businesses would sing to this tune. Anyway beautiful product – give it a try.