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Bicycle Coat Racks


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Bicycle Coat Racks


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These bicycle coat racks are hand made by Jos Van Hulsen in his home studio in West Footscray. Perfect gift for a cycling enthusiast. These are by far our most popular product.

 The bikes are constructed from steel and wood with a durable powder coating finish. and have 5 hooks to hang scarves, hats, jackets or bags.

As each is bicycle coat rack is hand crafted, there will be slight variations to the ones pictured . . . . we think this is what makes them all so special. Jos is able to do custom colors on the bikes too just call us to discuss your requirements.

Bike measures Length 53.5 x Height 32.5 width 10cm approximately (As these are all hand made slight variations may occur. We think this is what makes our product so special!)

The bikes are easy to install. They need to be mounted on a wall using two small screws. These stud finding techniques will serve you well for any DYI project including putting up shelves or simply hanging a picture.


Plasterboard walls

Locate your stud in the wall. The two holes are aligned so you only need to find one stud. Finding studs is relatively easy. There are a number of ways to find a stud either manually or using a stud finder.

The tapping method

If doing the job manually the tap method is quite effective. By tapping on a spot where a stud exists will produce a solid sound. Every place where there isn’t a stud will produce a hollow sound.

Using a magnet

This is actually as good as any stud finder and will save you lots of dollars. Rather than me explaining this I have found a good little video (which is slightly hilarious) In 2 minutes you can make your own stud finder that will work a treat every time. Click HERE to view.

Stud finders

The other option is to get your hands on a stud finder. Ask around as chances are one of your friends will have one. Otherwise you will need to purchase one. Prices can range dramatically. As with most things the more you pay, the more accurate your stud finder will be.

Brick walls

For brick walls you will need a masonry screw and masonry drill bit. Be sure to drill into the mortar and not the brick itself. First of all drill a hole in the spot you want to hang the work. Try to ensure both holes line up with the mortar on the brickwork. Once the hole is drilled use your masonry screw and screw the bike on to the wall. Hanging things on a brick wall is pretty straight forward however it all depends on the state of the mortar. In older building the mortar can be a crumbly. If it is your first time doing this it may pay to find a 'handy' friend to give you a hand.