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Work Experience At Post Industrial Design

Since about grade five I’ve known what interest me and what I can see myself doing once I’ve finished school. You see, I love buildings, floor plans, layouts, houses and the feeling of a good space once you’re in one. I have thought a lot about what career choice I might take up and it became clear to me that I wanted to become an architect! Architecture is a mixture of many aspects and doesn’t mean just building buildings. Landscape, planning, designing and creating is all part of the process of building something beautiful. I feel the job could be a good fit for me because of the amount of hard work, mathematics and solution making as well as the imagination, creativity and inspiration the job takes! So when my teachers first introduced the idea of work experience for all the year tens at my school back in Wangaratta, I was excited and nervous about the thought of working in an actual work environment. Of course coming from Wangartta it had its challenges in the variety of jobs available. I was looking at furniture stores, real estate agencies as well as show homes for any type of work experience having to do with design or homes. Then one weekend when my family and I came down to Melbourne to stay with my grandma, who lives in the suburb of West Footscray, and we past this unusual shop with an old gas pump, a cool carpet and plenty of other nic nacs in the window on display. Post Industrial Design was the name of the shop. Shortly after I came inside and had a good look around at all the quirky, unusual products and creations. I knew right away that I would be more than happy to spend a good week working at this shop! Although the shop doesn’t have anything to do straight up with architecture there were quite a few factors that contributed to the area like design, creation, art, color and the use of space. So of course before starting I was anxious and a bit nervous, as you would be. I was expecting the usual shop work like dusting, cleaning, shelving and greeting customers. I soon meet Mary who owns and works at Post Industrial Design and she was very kind! The day I started was very hot and there weren’t very many costumers at all, which made the space very quite. I did end up doing chores around the shop such as dusting, opening boxes and putting stock on shelves.  The second day I got to meet Mary’s partner Jos who makes a lot of the crazy unique welding pieces in the store. I was helping him with a delivery that day, but I found the time was really great! We were both talking about different forms of art, styles of music as well as the amount of effort that goes into a piece. It really got me inspired to give my own work a go! One bonus of working at the shop on this particular week was the exhibit on show by the well-known street artist Baby Guerrilla. Part of the shop was turned into a gallery to showcase the works of art and many costumers were interested in the artist famous wall art adhesives. On the Thursday night a group of ladies called ‘Women of the West’ put on a ladies night in the store and the artwork made by Baby Geurrilla was on display. I met lots of really great ladies who came out for a good night to mingle and I had a good night myself. I was applying temporary tattoos on the women of the wall art shown in the gallery. The whole four days that I have spent at Post Industrial Design have been great! I have learnt basic store skills like displaying and the business side, I have observed how to have good relations and connections between you and your costumer, I’ve met loads of wonderful people who are faithful to the store, I’ve been shown how to make art out of anything by using recycled materials, I’ve even learnt not to take your job too seriously and do what you love and are passionate about! I love that Post Industrial Design is a new face in the community that can take so much good from this business and really bring out the true hidden character of this part of town. Where ever I end up down the track I can always use the skills I have learnt here and take all the inspiration I have collected in my head through out the week and maybe start a little something of my own. Who Knows!


Summer colour

New week. New window and a splash of summer colour. The thing I do like the most about Melbourne is its all rainy one minute and perfectly summery the next! It lets me get excited all over again  . . . . in fact I get to say "HELLO SUMMER" like 20 times, and that is just in one season! So for all you grumblers out there who would prefer the same old sunny days every day, all I can say is BORING! Let me guess . . . . your favourite colour is beige  . . . and you would  never EVER  leave the house wearing odd socks? Hm . . . even I am not quite sure I am going with all this . . .  oh yes . . .  summer colours. My big colour tip for the season is this . . . throw out your colour wheel and your designer magazines and just go a little crazy. You want to put reds and oranges together I say go for it! Oh want to hang a painting that clashes with your couch? Now you're talking! You don't have any two dining chairs that match? Oh come to momma! The point is this. My favourite houses are never immaculately arranged, rather they are eclectic and imbued with personality. They are almost always on the messy side, which makes me feel at home . . . like a warm hug. You might be thinking what the hell, this gal is talking mess and clutter and the picture is all styled and tidy. Well you would be right. The thing is this is a front window display  and not my home . . . and ALSO I had intended to ramble on about colour and got a little side tracked. Sooo while I bang-on about flipping from one thing to another, I may as well jump back to Melbourne Weather because today, right now, I am content with warm summer days, mountains of watermelon and perhaps a voddy or three. Who knows what next week will bring . . .  perhaps tracky pants , hot chocolate and a good movie . . . hmmm now that sounds good too!

Moss Jam 2012

The 2012 Moss Jam is kicking off tomorrow and set to be a stella day for all you sk8 heads out there! Kicking off at 11am with freestyle, banks and Fossil & Grommet. 2pm is Old School Bowl Sessions and at 4pm the Rad young guns hit the bowl! 7pm is the after party with the Charity Auction where all proceeds go to the kids of Swaziland to help provide water tanks to remote areas that don't have access to fresh water. The guys behind this event (The Melbourne Old school crew) are seriously top people! They do heaps of amazing work with kids and give up a lot of their time to charity with particular focus on the Moss Water Project. If you are after a great family day head down to Mount Eliza Skate Park at Emil Madsen Reserve, Wooralla Drive in Mount Eliza Melway 105H10. Jos Van Hulsen has made up a few pieces that are being actioned off for the Charity Raffle. So if you are loving Jos's Sk8 chair go down and put in a bid . . . and enjoy all on offer while you are there!   

Wishbone 3-in-1 Bikes

Wishbone 3-in-1 Bike is the ultimate in kids ride on toys. This bike grows with your child and is suitable for children 12 months to 5 years. From 12 months use the bike as a walking aide with 3 wheels for learning balance and coordination. Once your little one grows convert into a 2 wheeler balance bike which will get them up and running on a peddle bike in no time at all. Most kids who start off with a balance bike don’t need training wheels and have a smooth transition to a peddle bike. The great thing about this design is the frame flips over making it one of the largest balance bikes on the market. I am slightly in love with Wishbone Design Studio, as well as being well really nice people, their designs are sustainable, and they have really thought through the design aspects, to make this a durable and versatile product. This is one toy that will offer your kids years of fun and enjoyment for years to come. The Wishbone Bike offers real value for money! The Wishbone bike comes in a box and is super easy to assemble . . . even I did it! Don’t believe me  . . . check out this interactive 3 in one demo or check out this video. This product is been in high demand. If you are planning to get one for christmas please order now so we can ensure we can get it too you. Now available in store and online

Baby Guerilla


SOLO EXHIBITION Opening: Friday 1st March 6 - 8pm 2013 Gallery Hours Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 5.30pm Sundays 12 to 5pm Exhibition runs till March 22

Trivia Night November 11

Woman of the West Trivia night is being organised by three very WEFO-cool-young-mummies,  Sarah Strybosh, Michelle Masterson and Annie Wormald! I am so loving people getting together to make things happen in our nick of the woods. As well as being set to be a fun night, money raised goes to the YMCA. Tickets are $20 and you can bring a plate or snacks on the night. Alcohol is available to purchase on the night at affordable prices (no BYO). Wining and dining for charity can be a bitch . . . but someone has to do it! If you are up for a bit of  local trivia and meeting some top chicks, you can Book thru Yasmin at the Y, Phone 93113400 or email yasmin.mckenzie@ymca.org.au Although this is not a Post Industrial Design event, we do support it in spirit  . . . . but please direct your inquiries to the contact details above.  

Floor coverings

These Recycled Polypropylene floor coverings are our latest addition to our interior range. Priced at $55 dollars you seriously cannot go wrong! These rugs/mats are made from premium quality recycled polypropylene straws with are tightly woven together to offer strength and softness while still maintaining a beautiful aesthetic. The color’s used in the mats are UV stabilized to prevent fading and deterioration from exposure to the sun. Being plastic, moisture will have no effect on the mat and it will not attract mildew. They are manufactured following Fair Trade principles. Available in orange, black and yellow both in-store and online. These mats are so versatile. Roll them up and take them outside for a picnic or use them indoors. Perfect for a child’s room. Seriously these are so easy to care for - just take them outside and hose them down! If only my kids were that easy . .  he-he! I have seen these mats around, but never with such classic elegance as these designs. They are classic with a modern twist and will add a splash of color to any room. I am so smitten with these rugs I have a collection of them at home, they are perfect for my young kids to play on and we are constantly taking them outside for impromptu picnics. They are reversible so you can change the look of a room simply by flipping it over. Rugs measure 120 x 179 cm. 

Kids decor ideas

Providing great kids decor ideas is our new product range from Down to the Woods. These designs are whimsical and exquisite - love it! Now available in-store and online Down to the Woods is not new to the market but their products are timeless and whimsical. They do not come cheap but they provide great value for money. They are keepers, unlike many products on the market today that are merely tomorrows landfill, these products are made to last. These are things you can hand down the line. A perfect gift for a newborn or young child and make a beautiful group present. The vintage inspired night lights are made in Germany from top quality moulded plastic. They are retro, fun and cast a beautiful warm glow. Just the thing to keep little-uns feeling safe and snug in bed. Unlike the cheaper LED versions, these plug in straight to the wall so you can leave them on all night without the fuss of constantly changing batteries. Decidedly cool, super retro, and ultra kitsch, even New York Magazine declared them “The coolest night-lights on the block”. The Little Lamb Freckle rugs look yummy enough to eat! Just like the chocolate freckles I munched my way through in my childhood! The colours are amazing and give a great splash of vibrant colour to any room. They come in 3 sizes, we currently stock the medium size which is 100cm in diameter but can order in other sizes if needed. They are hard wearing and feel beautiful underfoot. The Little Lamb felted garlands are a great present and are priced affordably at $39.00. They are versatile and can be used to decorate a room, christmas tree, or anywhere really . . . you are only limited by your imagination. Being hand made in Nepal from pure wool, no two garlands are the same. 

Bookalicious video by Aaron Maguire

Bookalicious video by the talented Aaron Maguire. For those of you who missed the event you can now check out the dastardly  plots, children's performance from DramaworX, and all the crazy shenanigans of the evening. Bookalicious was an event which was part of the Maribyrnong Library Literary Festival. The festival ran a total of 15 events over 10 days. To view the video of the event click HERE

Mens Leather Bags

A new range of Mens leather bags are now available in store or online. Us chicks are often spoilt for choice when it comes to bags and I often feel for you blokes due to the slim pickings out there. A bag, to me is a real investment. In fact, when it comes to buying a bag, I think more like a guy. You see I am not the sort of chick who has a separate hand bag for every outfit. I am a one handbag sorta girl. To me purchasing a bag as a commitment. A commitment because, as my friends will attest,  I have only one bag at any given time. It becomes my appendage and follows me everywhere. It is, to put it simply, my friend. And then that enevitable day comes around when it falls apart and I go into; A) a state of grieving and B) a state of panic. Replacing a friend is no easy feat!! Practical considerations come into play and of course the style has to suit your personality . . . and not to mention go with your entire wardrobe!!! And of course you have to love each other, cause at the end of the day this is going to be your new buddy for years to come. Here is a few bags that I think both Girls and guys could form a deep relationship with . . .