Post Industrial Design

Steamscape ends this Sunday

Steamscape exhibition ends this Sunday. It feels like yesterday that we had the opening and now we are preparing to dismantle the show. If you have been planning to come and see the exhibition this weekend will be your last opportunity. We are open Saturday from 10 - 5.30 and Sunday 12 till 5pm. We also have Olivia Duval who will be working on her sculptured creatures here at the gallery from 2 - 5pm on Sunday - so this is a great opportunity to see one of the artists in action!

Artist Demonstration – Olivia Duval

We are lucky enough to have Olivia Duval coming to Post Industrial Design to demonstrate her skills for the closing weekend of  our current Steamscape exhibition. Swing by anytime between 2pm and 5pm on Sunday the 25th to watch as Olivia Duval brings to life one of her exquisitely detailed sculptures. Dressed in theme Olivia will work meticulously on her latest creation. I am sure while I was hacking off my Barbie’s hair and defiling their faces with texta, Olivia Duval was probably making fine costumes and accessories to create a world of beauty and wonder . . . . I on the other hand was set on a path of disfigurement. Rarely did a doll of mine survive with all limbs in tact and practically all ended up bald! Perhaps this is why Olivia has a consortium of commissions under her belt and I have . . um. . well, none! Olivia Duval wandered into the world of collectible sculpture when her high school friend saw a little elf doll she wanted in a shop window and Olivia said she would simply make her a replica. She has since made nearly 100 sculptures of increasing complexity and now takes commissions for exquisitely detailed characters, such as the Lord Chamberlain skekis from The Dark Crystal. Inspired by Brian Froud's artwork and production design on this film and on Labyrinth she began running lavish, costumed public events to emulate these gloriously beautiful worlds. She has since run the events Labyrinth Masquerade 2007 & 2008, Arcadiance: The Fantasy Masquerade Ball, Pirates of the Yarribean Cruise and the Where In Melbourne Is Carmen Sandiego Game Day. Olivia's main love is film production. She has worked on numerous short films, as well as the feature films Catwoman and I, Robot in Canada and in the special effects studio for Melbourne's The Loved Ones. She is currently developing new Carmen and Pirate game days under Golden Owl Events, a Jim Henson's Storyteller-esque show for the Fringe Festival, and some steampunk and fairy tale short films.

Michael Pryor presents . . .

We are thrilled to have Michael Pryor presenting an 'Illustrated History of Steampunk'. As well as being an all round top bloke, Michael has over 20 books under his belt . . . well not literally that would make walking slightly impossible . . . but you get my point. Michael’s best selling ‘Laws of Magic’ series has seen him shortlisted for countless literary awards. His books have earned him respect by both with his fans and in the literary world . . . and of course we like him a lot too! So head on down to Post Industrial Design THIS Sunday the 18th of March at 3pm and let Michael take you to a world where 19th century and fantasy collide. Hopefully see you then Mary and Jos

Steampunk exhibition

What a great night and amazing turnout for the Steamscape Exhibition.  The exhibition is on for a couple of weeks, so if you came on friday night and couldn't get through the crowd, drop by again or if you missed the opening we are sure you will love what is on display.  Around 500 people turned up to see the Clockwork Butterfly fashion parade, the exhibition of Steampunk art and design, live music from the Dreadful Penny's and the voice of our own Katie Houghton. The exhibition showed the steampunk movement through fashion, design, sculpture, painting and more. The crowd spilled out into the streets and into the half demolished Victorian house next door. A night highlighted by fashion, and not just the fashion by Clockwork Butterfly.... most of the crowd were dressed in a staggering variety of eclectic Victorian futuristic gear, a fantastic result and it looked amazing. The rooms inside were dark, warm and gloomy with a hint of brass and cast iron here and there surrounded by top hats, lace and animal skins. Exquisite bespoke wallpapers and the unique hand painted finishes of Art and Interiors provided a beautiful backdrop for the styled rooms. All the locals were there along with the die-hards of the Steampunk movement. Amazing scenes as the circus act played out on the lawn in front of the old house next door with a crowd of a hundred or so watching on lit almost entirely by the fire eaters flaming torch. The crowd had been treated to the fabulous Food by Miranda catering and complimentary wine through the generous support of Longview Winery. “Steamscape” forms part of the Loreal Fashion week Cultural Program

Steampunk goes west

We are excited to announce that we are hosting “Steamscape” in collaboration with Clockwork Butterfly on March 2nd, 2012. “Steamscape” will be a Steampunk exhibition as part of the Loreal Fashion week Cultural Program. Alexandra Chambers is the creative behind Clockwork Butterfly and was the artistic adviser for the recent Circus Oz production Steampowered, she has a substantial body of work behind her and I am very excited to be able to collaborate with such a talented designer. Steampunk is a movement that is best described as ”Victorian Science Fiction”. A rebellion against the mass production found in today’s consumer goods, it concentrates on individually crafted items that reflect the classical aesthetics of the late 19th Century, with a twist of dynamic industrial influences and an often whimsical sense of fun. The exhibition will feature the exquisite, timeless clothing creations of Clockwork Butterfly partnered with Jos Van Hulsen’s fantastical sculptural creations. Other artists and designers will contribute pieces that are exemplary of the Steampunk movement. The exhibition opening will include performances from some of Melbourne’s finest musicians and circus performers.