Post Industrial Design

Steampunk goes west

We are excited to announce that we are hosting “Steamscape” in collaboration with Clockwork Butterfly on March 2nd, 2012. “Steamscape” will be a Steampunk exhibition as part of the Loreal Fashion week Cultural Program. Alexandra Chambers is the creative behind Clockwork Butterfly and was the artistic adviser for the recent Circus Oz production Steampowered, she has a substantial body of work behind her and I am very excited to be able to collaborate with such a talented designer. Steampunk is a movement that is best described as ”Victorian Science Fiction”. A rebellion against the mass production found in today’s consumer goods, it concentrates on individually crafted items that reflect the classical aesthetics of the late 19th Century, with a twist of dynamic industrial influences and an often whimsical sense of fun. The exhibition will feature the exquisite, timeless clothing creations of Clockwork Butterfly partnered with Jos Van Hulsen’s fantastical sculptural creations. Other artists and designers will contribute pieces that are exemplary of the Steampunk movement. The exhibition opening will include performances from some of Melbourne’s finest musicians and circus performers.