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WeFo Resistance

For those of you planning to Join your comrades for WeFo Resistance Tickets are selling quickly. Of the 80 tickets we only have 24 left! So if you are planning to book now is the time! You can book online or by calling 03 93627703. Performance by our very own Leo Dale and Madame Andree. Mulled wine provided on the night and ins inclusive of the ticket price. Viva La Resistance!


Nordic stoneware bowls

These delightful nordic stoneware bowls with feet are nature inspired. Organic forms, rustic detailing and earthy hues make for beautiful design. I love the rich blues and organic tones in these pieces. These two little serving bowls would make a beautiful addition to the table. To me they are begging to be filled with warm olives and spiced oils . . . . Mmmmm!


Guest blogger NDM

Guest blogger the infamous NDM contemplates Mothers day. That's Not Drowning Mothering . . .  for those not in the know.     IT REALLY IS THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS Remember that age old saying “It’s the thought that counts”? Apparently, as mothers, we’re meant to apply that double. We’re meant to smile and drink the cold tea and eat the square of charcoal that the kids are passing off as toast and proclaim it to be “Delicious!” and “The Bestest Breakfast Ever!”. We’re expected to “ooh and aahhh” over the lipstick holder ‘Made in Chian’ (a neighbouring country to China, apparently) with the words ‘LOVELY MAKEUP JOY FUNTIME GIRL!” emblazoned across it in hot pink and give pride of place on the mantlepiece to the pasta shell-encrusted mirror made at kindergarten, along with that card lovingly hand-written by your child’s kindergarten teacher. I don’t know about you but the words ‘Dear Mummy’ written to me in another adult’s hand kind of gives me the creeps. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love the thought. In fact, I’m absolutely crazy about the thought. It’s just that... well, it would be nice if that thought could occasionally be extended a little further than the $2 shop. One year, I actively encouraged such ‘thought extension’ by insisting my son, who had asked for $2 to spend at the Mother’s Day stall at school, take $5 “just in case”. Turns out the “just in case” was a “just in case you get a chance to spend the $3 change on icy poles for you and your friends”. Who knew? Still, the thought of my son being the Most Popular Boy in his class with his “Zooperdoopers on me, boys!” attitude, should have been enough for me, right? And yes, yes it was. But still... I guess I can’t really talk. As a child, I gave my father handkerchiefs every single birthday, Christmas and Father’s Day long after I was old enough To Know Better. And perhaps that’s where the thought comes into its own. The thought that one day my own daughter might get her own pair of electric blue feather earrings from her child which she’ll be forced to wear on special occasions. Or better still, the thought that early one Sunday morning in about 13 years’ time, I’ll drag my kids when they’re hungover like bastards out to a café and force them to buy me breakfast for mothers day . . . now thats a thought worth holding on to.


Steamscape winds up

It seemed somehow very sad dismantling the Steampunk exhibition. So much work went into building the themed rooms and putting it all together and here we are at its end. Thankfully it took much less time to take down than it did to put up! We are now gearing up for the next exhibition with local identity Warren Kirk. Stay tuned . . . his exhibition is set to be a real treat particularly for all you locals out there! For now here are some pics of the Steampunk exhibition being taken down – the shop is nearly back to normal with loads of new product in store . More on that shortly . . . . 

Steamscape ends this Sunday

Steamscape exhibition ends this Sunday. It feels like yesterday that we had the opening and now we are preparing to dismantle the show. If you have been planning to come and see the exhibition this weekend will be your last opportunity. We are open Saturday from 10 - 5.30 and Sunday 12 till 5pm. We also have Olivia Duval who will be working on her sculptured creatures here at the gallery from 2 - 5pm on Sunday - so this is a great opportunity to see one of the artists in action!

Michael Pryor presents . . .

We are thrilled to have Michael Pryor presenting an 'Illustrated History of Steampunk'. As well as being an all round top bloke, Michael has over 20 books under his belt . . . well not literally that would make walking slightly impossible . . . but you get my point. Michael’s best selling ‘Laws of Magic’ series has seen him shortlisted for countless literary awards. His books have earned him respect by both with his fans and in the literary world . . . and of course we like him a lot too! So head on down to Post Industrial Design THIS Sunday the 18th of March at 3pm and let Michael take you to a world where 19th century and fantasy collide. Hopefully see you then Mary and Jos

Steampunk exhibition

What a great night and amazing turnout for the Steamscape Exhibition.  The exhibition is on for a couple of weeks, so if you came on friday night and couldn't get through the crowd, drop by again or if you missed the opening we are sure you will love what is on display.  Around 500 people turned up to see the Clockwork Butterfly fashion parade, the exhibition of Steampunk art and design, live music from the Dreadful Penny's and the voice of our own Katie Houghton. The exhibition showed the steampunk movement through fashion, design, sculpture, painting and more. The crowd spilled out into the streets and into the half demolished Victorian house next door. A night highlighted by fashion, and not just the fashion by Clockwork Butterfly.... most of the crowd were dressed in a staggering variety of eclectic Victorian futuristic gear, a fantastic result and it looked amazing. The rooms inside were dark, warm and gloomy with a hint of brass and cast iron here and there surrounded by top hats, lace and animal skins. Exquisite bespoke wallpapers and the unique hand painted finishes of Art and Interiors provided a beautiful backdrop for the styled rooms. All the locals were there along with the die-hards of the Steampunk movement. Amazing scenes as the circus act played out on the lawn in front of the old house next door with a crowd of a hundred or so watching on lit almost entirely by the fire eaters flaming torch. The crowd had been treated to the fabulous Food by Miranda catering and complimentary wine through the generous support of Longview Winery. “Steamscape” forms part of the Loreal Fashion week Cultural Program

Steamscape Exhibition

We would love it if you could join us for our latest upcoming exhibition opening Steamscape. The exhibition will explore the steampunk movement through fashion, design, sculpture, painting and much much more. We have some of Melbourne’s top performers involved in the opening night. Be entranced by the amazing magic of Australia’s leading female magician Cath Jamison, wonder at fire and circus performances by Chris Bennett and be enthralled by the amazing voice of our very own Katie Houghton. Sit back and enjoy the fashion parade of Clockwork Butterfly and enjoy live music from the Penny Dreadfuls The night is set to be a spectacle of entertainment, music and frivolity. Exhibiting artists and designers include: Jos Van Hulsen, Alexandra Chambers, Mad Uncle Cliff, Fyodor Krasniy, Olivia Duval, Jennie Rosenbaum, The Gently Unfurling Sneak, Oku Den, Chanelle Collier and Geoff Wilson. Opening night: Friday 2nd March (free event) Time: 6 – 9 pm Where: Post Industrial Design, 638 Barkly Street, West Footscray Dress: Steampunk . . . if you dare? Child friendly event For more details see our event page on Facebook