Post Industrial Design

Artist Demonstration – Olivia Duval

We are lucky enough to have Olivia Duval coming to Post Industrial Design to demonstrate her skills for the closing weekend of  our current Steamscape exhibition. Swing by anytime between 2pm and 5pm on Sunday the 25th to watch as Olivia Duval brings to life one of her exquisitely detailed sculptures. Dressed in theme Olivia will work meticulously on her latest creation. I am sure while I was hacking off my Barbie’s hair and defiling their faces with texta, Olivia Duval was probably making fine costumes and accessories to create a world of beauty and wonder . . . . I on the other hand was set on a path of disfigurement. Rarely did a doll of mine survive with all limbs in tact and practically all ended up bald! Perhaps this is why Olivia has a consortium of commissions under her belt and I have . . um. . well, none! Olivia Duval wandered into the world of collectible sculpture when her high school friend saw a little elf doll she wanted in a shop window and Olivia said she would simply make her a replica. She has since made nearly 100 sculptures of increasing complexity and now takes commissions for exquisitely detailed characters, such as the Lord Chamberlain skekis from The Dark Crystal. Inspired by Brian Froud's artwork and production design on this film and on Labyrinth she began running lavish, costumed public events to emulate these gloriously beautiful worlds. She has since run the events Labyrinth Masquerade 2007 & 2008, Arcadiance: The Fantasy Masquerade Ball, Pirates of the Yarribean Cruise and the Where In Melbourne Is Carmen Sandiego Game Day. Olivia's main love is film production. She has worked on numerous short films, as well as the feature films Catwoman and I, Robot in Canada and in the special effects studio for Melbourne's The Loved Ones. She is currently developing new Carmen and Pirate game days under Golden Owl Events, a Jim Henson's Storyteller-esque show for the Fringe Festival, and some steampunk and fairy tale short films.