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Craft Cubed 2013 - Homefront

Homefront is a textile exhibition by Gaye Naismith and Melanie Hill as part of Craft's annual festival Craft Cubed. A crocheted rug, furniture and wall art, all lovingly stitched using upcycled materials, will make up the exhibition. The exhibition is part of The festival attracts over 7000 visitors annually and this year showcases over 100 events throughout Victoria as part of the 2013 program. This year’s festival titled A Better Blueprint is all about getting back to basics to craft a better future. In terms of theme you are unlikely to find a better fit than with these two women. Both Gaye and Melanie have been upcycling since 2006 and are both passionate about sustainable local production. “We both love the 'making do' approach to creativity.  We work with fibres and other bits and pieces gleaned from second hand sources, and the scraps of felted jumpers left over from the other things we make.  While exploring the possibilities and limitations that arise from working with such materials is central to both our textile practices, we diverge markedly in our stitching and construction techniques and in the types of objects we have created for this show.” Together and separately, Gaye and Melanie run three small, craft-based labels: Body Parts Winter Accessories, Gaye Abandon and Textile Allsorts. This exhibition extends their textile practices into furniture, objects and small and large wall pieces. There will also be a pop-up shop featuring products from their ranges. Homefront is a free event opening on August 8th from 6 – 8 pm at Post Industrial Design, 638 Barkly Street West Footscray, and running till August 28th. The opening night will be accompanied by the infamous food van White Guy Cooks Thai and cheap drinks available at the bar. We would love to see you on the 8th but if we do miss you at the opening, the exhibition and Pop up Shop runs until the 28th of August. Melanie and Gaye will also be running MEET AND MAKE WITH THE MAKERS, an informal session of craft and chat on Saturday 24th of August 2 - 5pm.


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