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Summer colour

New week. New window and a splash of summer colour. The thing I do like the most about Melbourne is its all rainy one minute and perfectly summery the next! It lets me get excited all over again  . . . . in fact I get to say "HELLO SUMMER" like 20 times, and that is just in one season! So for all you grumblers out there who would prefer the same old sunny days every day, all I can say is BORING! Let me guess . . . . your favourite colour is beige  . . . and you would  never EVER  leave the house wearing odd socks? Hm . . . even I am not quite sure I am going with all this . . .  oh yes . . .  summer colours. My big colour tip for the season is this . . . throw out your colour wheel and your designer magazines and just go a little crazy. You want to put reds and oranges together I say go for it! Oh want to hang a painting that clashes with your couch? Now you're talking! You don't have any two dining chairs that match? Oh come to momma! The point is this. My favourite houses are never immaculately arranged, rather they are eclectic and imbued with personality. They are almost always on the messy side, which makes me feel at home . . . like a warm hug. You might be thinking what the hell, this gal is talking mess and clutter and the picture is all styled and tidy. Well you would be right. The thing is this is a front window display  and not my home . . . and ALSO I had intended to ramble on about colour and got a little side tracked. Sooo while I bang-on about flipping from one thing to another, I may as well jump back to Melbourne Weather because today, right now, I am content with warm summer days, mountains of watermelon and perhaps a voddy or three. Who knows what next week will bring . . .  perhaps tracky pants , hot chocolate and a good movie . . . hmmm now that sounds good too!

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