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Floor coverings

These Recycled Polypropylene floor coverings are our latest addition to our interior range. Priced at $55 dollars you seriously cannot go wrong! These rugs/mats are made from premium quality recycled polypropylene straws with are tightly woven together to offer strength and softness while still maintaining a beautiful aesthetic. The color’s used in the mats are UV stabilized to prevent fading and deterioration from exposure to the sun. Being plastic, moisture will have no effect on the mat and it will not attract mildew. They are manufactured following Fair Trade principles. Available in orange, black and yellow both in-store and online. These mats are so versatile. Roll them up and take them outside for a picnic or use them indoors. Perfect for a child’s room. Seriously these are so easy to care for - just take them outside and hose them down! If only my kids were that easy . .  he-he! I have seen these mats around, but never with such classic elegance as these designs. They are classic with a modern twist and will add a splash of color to any room. I am so smitten with these rugs I have a collection of them at home, they are perfect for my young kids to play on and we are constantly taking them outside for impromptu picnics. They are reversible so you can change the look of a room simply by flipping it over. Rugs measure 120 x 179 cm. 

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