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Jos Van Hulsen's Reading Chair unveiled

We couldn’t have wished for nicer weather  for the closing ceremony of the Maribyrnong Library Literary Festival. It was also the unveiling of Jos Van Hulsen's ‘reading chair’. Which, without sounding too biased, looks pretty goddam amazing! The afternoon ‘Myths Woven by Us’ was a fun day for family and friends. The afternoon included a free BBQ, storytelling, face painting, balloon artistry and special guest David Greagg, our very own Wizard of Footscray! I did not know until recently that we have our OWN Wizard, but indeed we do . . . and may I say delightfully charming and interesting he is too. I couldn’t have thought of a nicer day to laze down the river at the Footscray Community Arts Center. Parents (ME) lounged on the grass while ignoring the kids (them) as they romped around throwing stones in the river, gorging themselves on sausages, all while getting their face painted . . . . .  And did I say it was SUNNY! I could not help but to expel a sigh of relief to think the chair has finally found its permanent home. The relief was not so much about no longer having it around Jos’s studio, but more the fact that it weighs a bloody ton and this was the last time we had to move it!!! If you do get a chance to go down to the river, perhaps grab a coffee from Happy River Café, stroll down towards the Amphitheatre and take some time to sit on the Reading Chair. While you are sipping on your coffee and taking in the beautiful view, just give some thought to my back . . . because at the end of the day, Jos may have made and designed the chair, but really, it is all about MEEEEEE!!! 

  • jos van hulsenSculpture News

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  • Oct 25, 2015

    I read your post and wished I’d wreittn it

    — David

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