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Chanelle Collier

Chanelle Collier’s work will be on display at our upcoming event Bookalicious, as part of the Maribyrnong Library Literary Festival. I first came into contact with Chanelle during our steampunk exhibition, Steamscape, back in March this year. On first seeing Chanell’s work I was instantly smitten. Her book sculptures transport you to a miniature world. It takes me back to being a child and seeing a snow cone for the first time. In a somewhat of an Alice in Wonderland moment, I would stare at this miniature world of dappled snow and imagine myself  inside the cone romping through this magical landscape. The detail in Chanelle’s work is amazing – each page is painstakingly carved to create a visual world within the book. Working so closely with each page of the narrative Chanelle has developed a deep respect for each book’s life. Traditional books are becoming superseded through electronic media and technology. Through Chanelle’s book sculpture we are encouraged to reconnect with the tactile beauty of the books, parodying the notion that old books have been reduced to objects of decoration in the modern environment. 



  • Exhibitions

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