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Gala launch with Kerry Greenwood

The Gala Launch of Maribyrnong Library Literary Festival kicked off with bang on Friday night. Kerry Greenwood talked candidly with the audience about growing up in Footscray, her love of books and the road she took to becoming a celebrated crime writer. To be honest I have a pathological hatred for speeches. Yep it is true. Normally my eyes start to glaze and I quickly scour the room for a quick escape route. But I have to say Kerry had me spellbound. She spoke from the heart, a truly honest, funny  . . . and can I say delightfully eccentric woman. Instead of scouring the room for my escape route she had me captivated . . . . yes ME! It was a great night and people really got into the 1920’s spirit! We even had Sherlock Holmes looking for literary clues! But the cat was already out of the bag. . . there is simply heaps of great stuff to do as part of the festival. Our event is fully subrcribed but don’t let that put you off! If your feeling slightly Bookalicious, still register your interest. You never know some people might just pull out . . . . 

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