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T2 now in store

Tea for two? I have just gone a little nutty for tea and we have now in store a great range of T2 teas. Really you cannot go past a tea called “ Liquorish Legs” or “ Gorgeous Geisha” or how bout “Turkish Apple” If tea is your thing we now have herbals, organics and the good old classics such as English Breakfast, Darjeeling . . . Earl Grey is Girly Grey in T2 land  . . . now that’s gotta be cool. AND if you wanna know something really cool you can get these Blossom teas . . . which yes as the name suggests the flower opens in your cup . . . whoever knew tea could be so sophisticated? I am yet to get the T2 range on our online store but will endeavor to do so . . . just as soon as I enjoy a nice cuppa!   

  • New product

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