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Love of glassware

I was going to use a witty caption like “Can’t be glassed?” get it?  No? Well actually its not very funny at all?! . . . Hopefully I can make up for my lack of wit by scouring the countryside for beautiful new things. My latest find are these gorgeous glassware sets that I thought I would share. These 70’s inspired genie bottles are really fun. They come in blue and green and I just love them. Ranging in 4 different sizes they start from $55.00 for the smaller bottle going up to $110 for the large. The largest bottle stands at 63cm so they are a real statement piece.                     Also in, are these modern olive green vases, which also come in 4 sizes. Prices range from $59.00 to $100 for the large. I don’t know about you but I always struggle to accommodate a large bunch of flowers. When I do finally find a vase that is big enough it ALWAYS topples over. Who designs these things I wanna know?? The great thing with these vases is they are really wide at the base and have a wide mouth at the top . . . no more falling over vases for me!!                 All products are available in store or on our website.
  • Design in Focusglasswarein mixed companyNewsvases

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