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Between Earth and Sky

EXHIBITION 26 August - 5 September 2010 Between Earth and Sky is an exhibition put together by three artist; Sarah Watt, Jos Van Hulsen and Jacqueline Flintcroft. As well as sharing a creative vision and a wine or two on the weekends, the three artists reside in the same suburban street in West Footscray. What makes this exhibition unique is that all three have interpreted this theme from a very intuitive place and all take their audiences between the cracks of reality to a profound place of feeling. In this exhibition Jos Van Hulsen is concerned with that something in between. The moment of metamorphous and birth of something new. Flight is explored through moths, aeroplanes and ethereal winged creatures that deliver the audience to a moment of transcendence. Van Hulsens work is very organic and fluid. Spiritual themes are explored through found materials including, bones, leaves and suburban refuge, that are worked in to pieces that somehow bring together the masculine and feminine into perfect harmony. Sarah Watt, Better known for her award winning film, Look Both Ways and more recently My Year without Sex, has once again managed to transcribe her suburban landscapes with something deep and spiritual. Watt’s work successfully manages to capture that moment we all have when we glimpse that shadow in the corner of our eye. Dr Who fans would relate to the analogy that Watt has somehow found that crack in the universe and allows us to see two worlds momentarily collide. An avid pilot and flight enthusiast, Jaqueline Flintcroft allows her viewers a glimpse of her world in the air. Aerial landscapes are meticulously rendered through three-dimensional boxes placed together like a jigsaw. The effect is a beautiful rendering of the landscape through abstract objects. The use of colours and subtle tones conjure a deep connection with the Australian landscape. For art enthusiasts who are content just to feel and experience I suggest this is a show for you. None of the artists here are concerned with intellectual or moral rhetoric; all are just content for audiences to view the work from a personal place. Between Earth and Sky runs from the 27th of August to the 5th of September at Brightspace Gallery, 8 Martin St, St Kilda. Gallery hours are Wednesday to Sat 12 – 6pm and Sunday 1-5pm. [gallery link="file"]
  • artistearth and skyExhibitionsfootscrayjacquelinejosjos van hulsensarahsarah wattskiessuburbanvictoria

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  • Apr 24, 2015

    Thanks Catherine! We are quite overwhelmed by the support from the community it has been fantastic – I love the West!!

    — Mary

  • Apr 24, 2015

    What a beautiful job you have done with the space at Barkly Street!! And the art objects and other items are both interesting and elegant.

    — Catherine

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