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Artists Lunch Elgee Park

Having recently attended an artist luncheon at the beautiful Elgee Park Winery owned and run by the Myer family, I was impressed and inspired by the diversity of the sculptural collection available to the public. With over 35 sculptures and artists such as Inge King, Bruce Armstrong, Robert Klippel, Chris Booth – just to name a few, makes this a sculptural collection of huge significance. To have my sculpture in such a collection is indeed an honour. The collection has now been immortalised in a book “Elgee Park Sculpture in the Landscape” written by Ken Scarlett, an art critic of huge importance in Australian sculpture. For those of you looking for a nice weekend activity, I can highly recommend a trip to Elgee Park. The morning peninsula is stunning, the wine is sensational and the sculpture is pretty good too! For more information go to Elgee Park Wines website.
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