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  • Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award.
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Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award.

Helen Lempriere was one of Australia's leading female artists in the mid 20th century, lauded nationally and internationally for her work as a painter, printmaker and sculptor. The Award was launched in her honour in 2000, as a result of a bequest by Helen's husband, the late Kieth Wood. The 2007 Lempriere Award Winner Julia Davis, Meniscii, An installation of convex perspex mirrors reflects the sky and landscape, exploring art's relationship with nature. Davis' winning work will secure  a permanent place on the Werribee Park Sculpture Walk, in the company of previous winners. Commended Works Louise Paramor, Industrial Jam Session The six separate assemblages that form Industrial Jam Session each comprise four or five plastic parts, the majority of which were originally designed for industrial use. As the title suggests, for me this work possesses a musical and experimental dimension. Encouragement Award Jos Van Hulsen, Casualty Numbers. Made of steel, mirrors and enamel distance counters recycled from Victoria's railways, Jos Van Hulsen's piece Casualty Numbers explores how we have become immune to news of casualty numbers, unless they include someone we know. To read more about the 2007 Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award click here
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